How can you quickly remove alcohol from your blood?

From time to time, the question arises of how to quickly remove alcohol. This question is especially relevant for drivers. First of all, it should be emphasized that it is possible to cleanse the blood from alcohol at home quickly enough, but this does not mean that you can completely get rid of traces of alcohol, which means that the traffic police will still understand that you were drinking.

We remove unnecessary

For those who are thinking of how to remove alcohol from the blood and do it quickly, it is important to know that the process of elimination itself comes in two forms. Some of the alcohol undergoes a liver purification procedure, as a result of which it turns into ordinary acetic acid. Excretion of the second part occurs due to evaporation from the surface of the skin, the work of the lungs and kidneys. It is with the help of the second method that the examination takes place.

To cleanse the blood, the liver produces a special enzyme that converts ethyl into acetaldehyde. It is this substance in large quantities that causes hepatic cirrhosis.

Then it goes into the next form – acetic acid, the excretion of which can be quickly carried out by any cells. In this case, a significant part is still excreted by the liver. How quickly elimination occurs depends on how healthy your organ is. For example, a healthy man weighing 80 kilograms can remove 25 grams of pure ethanol per hour. At the same time, this speed cannot increase, it will only worsen in the process of organ wear.

If we talk about how to cleanse the body from pure ethanol, then the skin comes to the rescue, or rather, evaporation through it, as well as the lungs and kidneys. This path is considered to be a kind of backup for the human body. It is he who is used when you need to quickly cleanse the blood of alcohol. With the help of folk and medication, the work of these three areas can be strengthened. 

Basic methods

The most effective method that can be used at home to cleanse the body of alcohol is a dropper. For her, vitamins of group B and C are most often used, as well as five percent glucose. It can also be insulin or a special drug used to cleanse the blood.

With the help of such a dropper, you can not only purify the blood, but also accelerate the elimination of alcohol. For this, the body will use the kidneys. Also, many doctors advise paying attention to pills, which can accelerate the elimination of ethanol breakdown products through urine.

At home, there are many other ways that you can speed up the withdrawal of alcohol. In particular, you can quickly cleanse the body with the help of sweet tea or coffee, which have a diuretic effect and help get rid of toxins present in the body.

If you are suffering from heart disease, it is best to cleanse with still mineral water, juice high in vitamin C, or vinegar drink.

To speed up evaporation, you can take a hot shower or steam in a steam room. Thus, along with sweat, some of the alcoholic products will leave your body. Good cleansing is also evident with physical exertion.

It should be noted that cleansing the body of alcohol can be carried out only after its breakdown. Accordingly, you need to understand that some of the alcohol still remains in the human stomach.

To cleanse it, you will need to drink plenty of soft drinks. Further, it is necessary to induce a gag reflex in a person. This is how the stomach is washed in order to exclude further penetration of alcohol into the blood. It is worth noting that such cleansing can be used quite simply at home.

After flushing, the time it takes for the body to eliminate alcohol is usually reduced. At the same time, to soften the general well-being, you can use special preparations intended for use with a hangover. They will help you relieve headaches, get rid of bad breath. However, it is important to understand that they have no effect on blood alcohol levels.

Ban on sobering up

It is worth noting that sobering measures cannot be applied to all people. In particular, there are two situations in which this is contraindicated. This is about:

  • binge;
  • pathological intoxication.

Hard drinking hardly raises questions for anyone. It can be quite simple to define it. But with pathological intoxication, there is often confusion. Not everyone understands what is meant by this term. It should be noted that a number of signs are characteristic of pathological intoxication.

If you take alcohol even in small doses, impaired consciousness is immediately noted. A person loses orientation in space, becomes aggressive. At the same time, it is impossible to contact him productively.

There is also an epileptoid form, which manifests itself in the form of intense anxiety and fear. Outwardly, it looks like panic. The person begins to rush about, to make sharp impulsive actions.

It is also worth noting a decrease in self-control, the likelihood of aggressive outbreaks. The so-called paranoid form is characterized by baseless anger towards others, as well as the appearance of hallucinations or delusions in a person . It should be especially emphasized that this third form is considered the most dangerous, since people are not aware of their actions. 

Often, pathological intoxication varies in duration. It can be just a few minutes or a few hours. Most often, this state ends in deep sleep and a complete loss of memory at the time when the person was intoxicated.

Rapid sobering methods can only be used for healthy people who are not addicted to alcohol. At the same time, such techniques should be used as rarely as possible, if there is a strong one-time intoxication. Treatment of alcohol addiction with their help is impossible.

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