How to cleanse the liver effectively after long-term alcohol consumption

A person who understands that he is experiencing problems after a binge wonders how to cleanse the liver after long-term use of alcohol. The liver is a unique organ that acts as a so-called filter for the whole organism. It may have the properties of self-purification and restoration. But if a person abuses alcohol, then there is a strong additional load on the liver, since alcohol contains ethanol, a harmful substance that poisons the entire body, comparable to the effect of drugs. Large doses make the tissues of the organ looser, as a result of which there are sharp pains and heaviness in the liver after prolonged use of alcohol.

Ways to cleanse the liver

How to cleanse the liver of alcohol? All doctors agree that the treatment of liver diseases is recommended to begin with cleansing. Any of the liver cleansing methods can be used only after the intestines are completely cleansed, since if a large amount of toxins is present in it, toxins removed from the organs can enter the bloodstream, which will lead to intoxication of the body.

Recovery of the liver after binge cannot occur if the patient does not stop drinking alcohol, even in small quantities. You should also give up other bad habits, such as smoking and eating fatty, high-calorie foods. It will be right to choose healthy and wholesome food for yourself, consisting of light meals, plenty of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Spicy, fried foods should be removed from the diet to reduce the load on the liver. Then you need to consult a doctor who will analyze the degree of destruction of the organ and prescribe the necessary treatment. It will also determine the daily routine and useful multivitamins and antioxidants that protect liver cells from reactive oxygen species that damage membranes. During the cleansing period, it is important to avoid any situations associated with stress or heavy physical exertion. A doctor who specializes in liver disease may recommend a specific diet to keep the liver functioning properly.

Alcohol has a devastating effect on the body, not only due to the influence of alcohol on it, but also because of the so-called hangover syndrome. Anti- hangover drugs, which are often taken in such situations , which, on the one hand, relieve headaches and other ailments, but on the other hand, destroy the liver, like alcohol itself, have the same detrimental effect on the body.

It is better after a stormy and long feast to drink activated charcoal, a large amount of liquid or tea from the collection of diuretic herbs.

It is useful to cleanse the liver, even as a preventive measure. Before this, it is important to warm up the body thoroughly. Heat helps relieve spasms and pain in the liver. Increased blood flow in the body activates the work of enzymes and makes the bile more liquid, and it can already circulate normally and perform its tasks. The consequences of prolonged alcohol exposure to the liver are dangerous, as they can eventually lead to terrible diseases, such as kidney failure, the onset of cancer, alcohol-related hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, or organ enlargement.

Folk methods for cleansing the liver

In folk medicine, there are a lot of different methods for cleansing the liver after alcohol, but in this case it is better not to self-medicate, as the consequences can be even worse than the current state and cause other diseases of the human body.

After alcohol intoxication, the following products can help improve liver function:

  • beet;
  • radish;
  • olive oil;
  • pumpkin.

After a maximum of 2 weeks of constant use, you will see good results in cleansing the body. Sorbitol or medical sugar also helps cleanse the liver after long-term drinking.

Among the most famous folk advice, there is a unique remedy for cleansing the liver of alcohol – milk thistle powder. Milk thistle, or milk thistle in other words, is a versatile find that can help cleanse and protect the liver, as well as activate its enzymes. This plant was used in ancient times to cure patients not only from alcohol, but also from tobacco addiction. Scientists have proven that milk thistle powder contains more than 200 active substances that affect the functioning of liver cells and promote the creation of new cells.

Milk thistle is used to create remedies that help cleanse the liver of toxins that pollute the human body after alcohol intoxication. Milk thistle relieves spasms, removes bile from the body, soothes inflammation and protects liver cells.

To quickly cleanse the liver after alcohol, milk thistle seeds are usually used. Of course, the individual characteristics of each person should be taken into account, but cleansing the liver with milk thistle is recommended to be done in the spring, and the duration is determined from 7 days to a month. The cleansing suspension is prepared from ground milk thistle seeds and seeds. This medicine must be taken every day.

There are also cleansing teas and infusions, which are also prepared from milk thistle seeds. Milk thistle is a plant that is very useful in its properties, which helps not only to quickly cleanse the body of the influence of alcohol, but it is also recommended to use it simply for the prevention of a certain number of diseases. Milk thistle seeds are easy to digest, so they can be added to any liquid or simply chewed daily.

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