Why do people drink alcohol? female and male alcoholism

Alcohol consumption is becoming the most common cause of the breakdown of many families. Divorce, division of property, deprivation of parental rights, courts await married couples in which one of the spouses is addicted to alcohol. Further in the article we will try to figure out why people drink alcohol and what are the dangerous consequences of this addiction.

Why does a person drink too much?

Despite the fact that everyone knows and talks about the dangers of alcohol, many do not stop drinking alcohol. As a result, drunkenness leads to the disintegration of the family and personality as such.

In most cases, a person begins to drink alcohol out of boredom, the extinction of passion for the other half, the monotony of family relationships and life in general. In alcohol, a drinking person seeks reassurance, tries to hide from problems, find peace and forget. Everything can begin with a meeting with friends over a glass of beer, and end, the result of which can be alcohol addiction. The task of family members is to suppress the harmful desires of a drunkard person, this will help prevent conflicts in the family. The most terrible situation is when both spouses begin to abuse alcohol. In this case, the likelihood that they will be able to defeat alcohol addiction is too small.

Why is alcoholism causing divorce?

Spouses cannot come to terms with the arising family quarrels, misunderstandings, untidiness, aggressiveness, rudeness of their spouse, as well as the fact that children see all this. That is why, for most families, divorce is the only way out of the situation. This fact is confirmed by the results of studies, according to which alcoholism and drunkenness are the main reasons for divorce.

Male alcoholism

The most common occurrence is male alcoholism. As a rule, wives in most cases do not leave their drinking husbands, try to support them and protect them from alcohol addiction. Whereas husbands, on the contrary, very often do not want to remain married to a drinking wife. If a man is overcome by alcoholism, then his home, family and work fade into the background, he is characterized by such qualities as aggressiveness and rudeness. As a result, all the chores fall on fragile female shoulders. She has to earn money, run a household and raise children alone.

What can male alcoholism lead to?

Because of the drunkenness of the father and the employment of the mother, children suffer the most, they lack the attention, warmth and care of their parents. Family scandals and conflict situations have a negative impact on school performance, character and psyche of children. As a rule, children from dysfunctional families feel like black crows in the circle of their peers, not only because of drinking parents, but also because of financial problems that inevitably arise in people suffering from alcoholism. The psychological trauma to which children from such a family are exposed will adversely affect their health in the future.

Why is female alcoholism dangerous?

The endurance of a modern woman can only be admired. In the intervals between the birth of a child and the preparation of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, they work hard and cope with a lot of everyday problems. Some even manage to lead teams and make scientific discoveries. However, they have to pay a high price for emancipation: constant overloads cause all kinds of diseases. And female alcoholism is one of them.

It is a well-known fact that female alcoholism is difficult to treat because their addiction develops faster than males. In the fairer sex, personality degradation occurs very quickly: she no longer takes care of herself, allows herself sexual promiscuity, as a result, she cannot save the marriage. In addition, alcohol has a negative effect on offspring: in a family of alcoholics, there is a high probability of the birth of a child with mental and physical disabilities.

Female alcoholism in numbers

Official statistics, which tend to underestimate the real numbers, indicate a steady increase in the number of women who are greedy for alcohol. Over the past few years, the number of such Russian women has increased from 11.3% to 15.8%. According to Scandinavian and American experts in their countries, this figure is 30%, and British experts named a shocking figure of 50%.

The saddest aspect of alcoholism is its ability to grow “younger” year after year. Clinical statistics of Russian specialists show that 82% of the fairer sex systematically begin to drink alcohol before the age of 30. Moreover, most of them are addicted to alcohol at the age of 16-21. What pushes girls to take this path?

The reasons for the development of female alcoholism

In a sharp increase in alcoholism among women, an important role is assigned to the tense rhythm of life, which leads to constant excessive nervousness and stress. Women who are constantly exposed to psychological and neurological problems, as a rule, do not notice how stressful situations gradually teach them to regularly drink a glass of wine in the evening.

Very often, women who have to carry an excessive burden in the family and at work wear the mask of the “iron lady”, coping with all difficulties. Alcohol is the only way to relax for a tired and exhausted woman.

Women tend to relieve stress alone. They do not need prying ears and a vest to cry in to relieve tension and restore peace of mind. Ladies can limit themselves to the presence of one good friend and a couple of glasses of alcoholic cocktail. Gradually, a friend becomes an unnecessary link, and the dose of alcohol increases each time.

The susceptibility of the female body to alcohol

It is known that women, unlike men, are much more sensitive to the negative effects of alcoholic beverages. This feature is due to such physiological factors as:

The concentration of fat in the body. When ethyl alcohol is dissolved in water, its content decreases, and the accumulation of this component in fats, on the contrary, causes an increase in concentration in tissues and organs. A woman’s body contains more fatty tissue, while men, on the contrary, have more water. It is because of this physiological feature that female alcoholism is more common than male alcoholism.

Enzyme content. Another difference in the female body is the low level of two main enzymes that are involved in the breakdown of ethanol. Accordingly, when the same dose of alcohol is consumed by a man and a woman, the concentration of ethanol in the latter’s blood will be higher.

Hormone levels. Changes in the level of hormones characteristic of a woman’s body during menstruation and menopause can also affect the absorption of alcohol.

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