How to treat alcoholism

There are several ways to treat alcoholism. The variety of ways to eliminate alcohol dependence makes it possible to choose the optimal treatment regimen for each person. It should be noted right away that with timely treatment, when alcoholism is precisely a disease, all methods of anti-alcohol therapy will have an effect, although each of them has its own characteristics. In addition, each alcohol dependence treatment regimen will affect the same patient differently.

How to treat alcoholism – narcological hospital

This method is most suitable for patients who drink regularly and are unable to stop drinking on their own. Of course, the patient in the hospital will have to stop drinking.

It should be noted that drug treatment hospitals are not sanatorium rest homes. In addition, in such medical institutions, one may encounter the problem of negative leadership, which manifests itself in alcoholics with many years of experience, who violate the separation procedures. They can mislead newly admitted patients. It often happens that even experienced professionals cannot help a weak-willed patient who has fallen under the influence of a negative leader. Another point in relation to the treatment of alcoholism in a narcological hospital – before getting there, you should get a referral at a narcological dispensary. This means that a person is automatically registered, which will be difficult to get off.

How to treat alcoholism – call a narcologist at home

Often, in order to get a person out of a long binge, they call a qualified narcologist to the patient’s house. In this situation, you need to consider some points. First of all, having “pumped out” the patient, the doctor must designate a specific therapy regimen for a week in advance, write prescriptions or give medications that help calm the nervous system and normalize sleep. This is necessary to prevent the next alcoholic breakdown. Then, it should be remembered that it is forbidden to call the doctor while the patient is in strong alcoholic intoxication. It is necessary to wait until the patient calms down at least a little and sleeps. Otherwise, pumping out drugs may cause complications. In addition, it is better to postpone the doctor’s call to the end of the patient’s current drunken state. In other words, if the drunken state lasts two weeks, then after the drug is administered, the risk of relapse is greater on the third day than on the twelfth. 

How To Treat Alcoholism – Coding

Recently, the method of coding or stitching has become a popular method of treating alcoholism. This way of solving the problem can only help someone who believes in it and is able to succumb to suggestion. The coding procedure does not harm the psyche of the patient, although there are many such opinions. However, to prove the danger of this method of treating alcoholism, they often cite the example of a situation where alcoholics who have passed the coding become irritable and nervous. However, the stitching technique itself is not the cause of the nervousness and irritability. The reason for the change in character is that the patient is not yet psychologically ready to quit drinking, but he has to do this under suggestion from the outside. This makes the person nervous.

Another way to treat alcoholism is the use of prohibitive drugs. This method does no harm if the patient manages to maintain absolute sobriety throughout the treatment, that is, do not take alcoholic beverages until the end of the injection. The choice of a method for treating alcohol dependence is carried out by a narcologist based on the patient’s condition. 

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