Is beer alcoholism a diagnosis?

Among all “fashionable” low-alcohol drinks, beer is the first in popularity. It seems like every real man is obliged to love beer, and “beer” girls deserve special attention in youth parties. And how pleasant it is after a working day to skip another jar on the way home, relax, forget about problems and worries. Now stop! If you have read this text with approval, then most likely beer alcoholism is your diagnosis in the near future.  

Or maybe already now? Let’s think a little.

From a medical point of view …

Beer is much more harmful than vodka. In terms of its effect on the body, a hoppy drink is most likely comparable to moonshine. The content of methanol, ether and fusel oils in beer is many times higher than their content in vodka.

But it is easy and pleasant to drink, so many beer alcoholics consume up to 7-8 liters of their favorite beer per day! In terms of alcohol content, this “portion” is comparable to a liter of vodka! Imagine how much poison the body receives. As much as hops are praised for their beneficial properties, cobalt causes diarrhea, and carcinogens contribute to the development of colon cancer.

Alcohol destroys the brain and nervous system. Beer is a champion here too. With excessive consumption of beer, the process of death of brain cells occurs faster than with regular drinking of other alcoholic beverages. In addition, addiction occurs imperceptibly, which leads to a gradual degradation of the personality.

Beer alcoholism has a particular effect on the heart. Cobalt contained in beer promotes the development of necrosis, thickening of the heart muscle, expansion of the lumen of blood vessels. The heart becomes flabby, increases in size. In medicine, this is called bovine heart syndrome. It is not worth mentioning that its main function – pumping blood – such an organ will perform worse and worse.  

Kidneys and liver suffer from beer. A large volume of the intoxicated drink ruthlessly flushes proteins and fats, carbohydrates and trace elements from the body, which is very dangerous for the human body at any age. But beer is especially harmful in adolescence and early adolescence, when the body is not yet fully formed and continues to develop.

Do you drink a lot of beer? Get ready for impotence! Beer suppresses the production of the male hormone testosterone, and promotes the production of female hormones, which leads to a deterioration in death , decreased libido, sagging breasts and the accumulation of fat in the pelvic region. In women suffering from beer alcoholism , the opposite process takes place – male hormones are produced in greater quantities, which entails unwanted internal and external changes. 

From the point of view of psychology …

A teenager trying beer for the first time will find it bitter and disgusting. But gradually the attitude to taste changes and over time, beer begins to like it. Although its taste does not change.

Beer is cheap, so it becomes the most affordable “substitute for joy”. Indeed, in order to win the love of a girl, to achieve success in sports, to solve a difficult problem, that is, to get joy in a natural way, you need to put in a lot of work, and nothing needs to be done with beer. You can enjoy life quietly, but intellect and the ability to learn suffer from this joy. In general, some troubles.

In medicine, the diagnosis of ” beer alcoholism ” does not exist. But stubborn statistics say that it is beer that now comes out on top in terms of alcohol consumption and is the main cause of alcoholism. Therefore, we can say that this is a diagnosis, and an implacable one.

Awareness of the problem is the first step towards successful treatment, a good chance to get rid of your disease. But for this it is necessary to stop drinking beer not “from Monday”, but immediately and not touch the drink at all.

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