Pills for alcoholism

Alcohol addiction does not disappear with time, it requires proper therapy. Almost always, an addicted person does not want to go to a medical institution because he does not recognize a serious illness. Drugs for alcoholism that can be taken at home will help solve the problem. These alcohol remedies must be proven, safe, really effective.

Classification of drugs

When choosing medicines, one should pay attention not only to their names, it is important to consider the classification of medicines. Manufacturers offer drugs for the treatment of alcoholism of various effects. Tablets can be divided into several subspecies:

  • drugs that cause aversion to alcohol;
  • blockers of alcoholic pleasure;
  • to reduce cravings for alcohol.

The first group of pharmaceutical preparations increases the body’s sensitivity to alcohol, causes a strong intolerance to the “green snake”. They are effective against drunkenness, but do not affect the psychological causes of addiction. You need to take medicines regularly to achieve the desired result. The drugs cause profuse vomiting, dizziness, rash on the body, sweating. If you take a pill, drink alcohol immediately, an unpleasant effect is guaranteed. Each new “portion” of alcohol forms in the patient an aversion to drinks containing alcohol.

Blockers do not provoke negative reactions when drinking alcohol. Such drugs against alcoholism block the appearance of euphoria, pleasure. Drugs significantly weaken the pleasure of taking alcoholic beverages, give a good therapeutic effect.

There are drugs that reduce cravings for alcohol, they are very popular. Tablets of this group help to increase the duration of remission, are safe for the body. Some of them are sold without a prescription and can be used at home. Systemic drugs have a moderate sedative effect, eliminate the craving for alcohol-based drinks. These treatment pills are prescribed after the body detoxification procedure. Any remedy for alcoholism is effective in the case when a sick person recognizes addiction.

Medications used without the knowledge of the addict

The use of tablets for alcohol dependence without the knowledge of the patient is required with caution. The main problem is that the man or woman does not want to be treated. The use of medications is the only way out of this situation. However, a qualified doctor should choose a remedy for alcoholism. It takes into account the following nuances:

  1. the stage of alcohol dependence;
  2. general health;
  3. the presence of other diseases;
  4. characteristics of the patient’s personality;
  5. form of alcohol consumption;
  6. the presence of an obsessive state.

Often, for the treatment of alcohol dependence, experts recommend medications that alleviate a hangover. A good result is given by drugs that cause aversion to alcohol. Sometimes they can be used without the knowledge of the patient, simply pouring into food.

Reducing physical cravings for alcohol is the first and most significant step towards a person’s recovery. After the appearance of disgust for the “green snake”, it is required to fix the result. Consultation with a psychologist, the use of antidepressants, therapy for alcoholic psychosis, the right lifestyle – in combination, this gives the desired effect.

The basis of the treatment of alcoholism with pills without the knowledge of the patient is the means that cause disgust for vodka, beer, and other drinks. The problem cannot be completely eliminated, but the disease can be muffled for a certain time. A person must admit addiction in order to stop drinking. Pharmaceuticals work in this way:

  • provoke a rush of blood;
  • cause vomiting, nausea;
  • cause acute feelings of anxiety;
  • provoke a rise in pressure, tachycardia;
  • cause respiratory spasms, throbbing pains.

The reaction after the simultaneous administration of the drug, alcohol is observed after a couple of minutes. A person is afraid of drinking strong drinks, completely refuses them for a while. It is important to adhere to the dosage indicated in the instructions, treating the patient without his knowledge. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid the undesirable consequences of such therapy.

Disulfiram-based medicines

Often doctors advise such pills for alcoholism, which act quickly, effectively. Pharmaceutical preparations based on disulfiram cannot be used without the appointment of a narcologist . They have a number of side effects, not suitable for all people. Available in tablets, sometimes in capsules. Tablet forms are the most effective.

Disulfiram slows down the metabolism of ethyl alcohol. In the normal state, alcoholic beverages, when ingested, cause a pleasant state of intoxication. With the help of medicines containing disulfiram , it is much easier to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol simply transforms into acetaldehyde, which is not pleasant.

When there is at least a minimal amount of acetaldehyde in the body, the patient suffers from a severe hangover. You need to know that this substance is aggressive, causing disturbances in the work of absolutely all body systems. The patient suffers from arrhythmia, respiratory failure, angina, neurological disorders. As a result, craving for alcohol decreases, a negative reaction to the taste and smell of the “green snake” is formed.

Disulfiram-based tablets are suitable for eliminating alcoholism at home only when they are prescribed by a narcologist. It is forbidden to use funds during pregnancy, while breastfeeding. Medicines are contraindicated for people who:

  1. suffer from sensitivity to disulfiram ;
  2. have diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  3. have mental or neurological diseases;
  4. suffer from ulcers and diabetes.

Tablet forms containing disulfiram have characteristic side effects. These can be allergic skin reactions, low blood pressure, headaches, or increased blood clots. The dosage of tablets is selected individually for each patient suffering from alcohol dependence.

Treatment of alcoholism with medicines: the main advantages

Eliminating alcohol cravings with pharmaceuticals has many benefits. It is possible to take pills for alcoholism without consequences at home. Many drugs have a minimum of side effects, cleanse the patient’s body of accumulated toxins.

Pills that help overcome alcohol addiction compared to other medicines have an affordable cost. It is for this reason that relatives of alcoholics opt for tablet forms.

In the initial stages of the disease, you can give a person drugs that are available without a prescription. They help with alcoholism, there is always a wide range in pharmacies. At the second, third stage of addiction, it is better to treat the patient according to the recommendations of professionals.

Any medicine for alcoholism in the form of tablets is aimed at changing the physical condition of the patient. He has unpleasant sensations, the heartbeat quickens, headaches may appear. Taking an alcoholic drink, a person no longer experiences pleasure. In the end, dependent people begin to fear for their health, stop drinking vodka and beer. High efficiency is the main advantage of pills for alcoholism.

In some cases, pharmaceutical drugs simply save the addicted person. The patient reacts aggressively to attempts by relatives to send him to a narcologist. You need to know which pills are effective in the initial, last stages. Close relatives are forced to resort to different methods to defeat the disease. In such a situation, alcoholism pills without the knowledge of the drinker will become a real lifesaver. First, the physical condition of the addict changes, after which it is required to persuade him for treatment.

Sometimes an alcohol addict decides to take drugs on her own. The patient can drink a few pills, completely refuse to use the “green snake”. Of course, such cases are considered an exception to the rule, but they do happen.

It is necessary to know!

There are various methods of eliminating alcohol dependence. The Finnish method is considered effective, which combines the use of medications with cognitive behavioral therapy. The patient himself chooses the goal of treatment, seeks to turn problematic drinking into moderate. True, this technique is not suitable for all alcohol dependent persons.

It is forbidden to choose drugs for alcoholism on the advice of neighbors, acquaintances. Only a narcologist should prescribe any remedy. He knows well all the features of this disease, methods of treatment. Some drugs can reduce cravings for alcohol, others can provoke alcohol intolerance in the body or relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Modern medicine offers an extensive selection of tools to cope with alcohol addiction. Professionals recommend combining pills with psychotherapy. In order for the patient to agree to use pharmaceuticals, the help of psychologists is required. An alcohol-dependent person at each stage of treatment should be supported by relatives and friends. Ultimately, the patient refuses to drink alcohol, starts life from a new leaf.

Perhaps soon there will be “magic” pills that prevent alcohol addiction. So far, complex treatment of the disease, which consists of several stages, is considered effective. Pharmaceuticals play an important role. Also, do not forget about the correct rehabilitation of a person, about timely preventive treatment. It is better to control the use of alcohol so as not to become addicted to the “green snake”.

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