Scientists have proven that hangovers decrease with age

The study, which was carried out by scientists from the United States, gave an interesting result. It turns out that people who regularly consume alcohol begin to suffer less and less from hangover with age. Moreover, this condition is not associated with the hidden reserves of the body.

To obtain reliable information, a sample was made of 50 thousand people who drink alcohol. The analysis was carried out on the basis of the subjective feelings of the respondents, about which they reported in a questionnaire specially compiled by specialists. The vast majority of them did show that they began to suffer less from hangovers with age.

But further analysis made it possible to conclude that it makes no sense to look for some unusual features of the body that appear in people with age. The whole secret of reducing the intensity of the hangover syndrome is that the majority of people increase their drinking culture with age. An experienced person, if, of course, he is not sick with alcoholism, can stop in time without using too much. In addition, with age, the average person simply does not have time for binges and spree, which can result in a severe hangover. The presence of children and grandchildren increases responsibility, which also does not contribute to the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Such self-restraint has a beneficial effect on the health of people who are approaching old age. Studies have shown that a hangover causes irreparable damage to the human brain, limiting its normal functioning. In this condition, the general cognitive abilities of a person suffer, as well as a severe blow to working memory. If the hangover occurs too often, the changes in the person’s brain may be irreversible, turning him into a disabled person.

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