Scientists: strict diets lead to alcoholism

Scientists have conducted a large-scale study, the results of which have shown that a passion for very strict diets can be a direct path to alcoholism.

Researchers from the University of Florida conducted an experiment that lasted 10 years, and 1340 volunteers took part in it. Long-term results have led scientists to question the benefits of strict diets. It turns out that the sooner people start to severely restrict themselves in food, the more troubles they will face in the future.

For example, during the study, it turned out that those participants in the experiment, whose diet in terms of calorie content was not more than 900 kcal, as a result, fell into alcohol dependence one third more often. Those who did not adhere to a diet and followed a healthy lifestyle showed almost no strong cravings for alcohol.

However, researchers never tire of reminding them that diets are not always the culprit behind alcoholism. Addiction to alcohol can appear for many other reasons, in particular, genetic predisposition, the influence of the environment, society and other factors.

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