The effectiveness of the dropper for withdrawal from hard drinking

When a person falls into a long binge, he, as a rule, does not think about whether, but whether there is a painless way out of such a state. Meanwhile, not everyone can, after many days of libations, independently, at home, leave this artificially created, eerie world. Many require drugs, instillation, in order to acquire a human form. A dropper with a long binge for many such people, with weak willpower, is a saving straw. And, in the end, the day will come when it will take a team of doctors to bring the poor fellow out of the vicious circle. Getting out of binge with a dropper is a common narcological procedure.

If the alcoholic fails

And how things really are, whether it is necessary to use it, and how safe is it. A dropper for hard drinking is the last resort for a person who does not have the strength and will to overcome the hard drinking period at home, without the help of narcologists . It often happens that a drinking man wants to quit, and this is no exaggeration. He characterizes his condition as the last stage of alcoholism, but cannot do this. The constant desire to get drunk automatically pulls the unfortunate for the next portion of alcohol. 

With heavy drinking, this is normal, however, with the exception of an important point. If a person decides to stop drinking himself, and without any other elimination, for example, droppers, leave the alcoholic dope for many days, he, as a rule, “works” to lower the dose. Such a person knows a way out, and every new day relieves his condition by reducing alcohol consumption, that is, after a couple of days he feels much better. However, others will need a drip for prolonged drinking.

Narcologists believe that withdrawal from hard drinking with such a powerful tool is quite possible. But, like everything else, the binge drip has two sides of the same coin. To be convincing, consider the positive moments after which the patient’s condition may improve.

  1. A dropper for prolonged drinking is given to chronic alcoholics and other drinking people.
  2. After using it, a person quickly comes to his senses.
  3. The removal of ethanol products from the body is accelerated by diuretics.
  4. All drugs, nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately, i.e. immediately begin to exert their effect.
  5. It is convenient for physicians who can add the necessary ancillary components.
  6. A dropper with an intense binge does not harm the cardiovascular system.
  7. Getting out of alcoholic intoxication in this way is also good because it stabilizes the acid balance, saturates the blood with nutrients, and speeds up metabolism.

It is also believed that the composition of the dropper from hard drinking has a beneficial effect on other organs.

Disadvantages of treatment

However, there is another judgment, they say, the conclusion from the alcoholic fog with a dropper has a number of negative tendencies. After instillation, the patient does not feel well. Preparations, even in a dropper, cannot guarantee a 100% result. If the way out of the binge with the help of such a procedure took place, it does not always lead to an unambiguous result.

  1. A person’s condition can deteriorate sharply if there is an individual intolerance to the means used in the dropper.
  2. After withdrawal or directly during the procedure, the patient experiences drowsiness, which requires the presence of a physician.
  3. The drugs can have a depressed state on the body the next day.
  4. Instead of a surge of strength and vigor, which is promised by the narcologist, a person, after recovering from a binge, experiences disorientation in space, feeling unwell, lethargy, a lethargic state.
  5. On other days, the patient may complain of shortness of breath, poor sleep and appetite, pain in muscles and joints, general aches.

Here are the consequences awaiting a person if he determined the way out of the binge with the help of a saving dropper.

There are alcoholics who, in principle, do not accept droppers for lingering binges, despite the obvious advantages. They solve the problem of getting out of the vicious circle after a week or month of drinking with their own methods, not relying on generally accepted norms and recommendations of leading narcologists, refusing to call specialists to their homes.

Such people confidently believe that what they get sick, so be treated. In many cases, low-alcohol drinks really help, but if a person himself did not decide to quit drinking, such “traditional medicine” is powerless, and the sick person himself will prolong the negative period or go into a new binge. Getting out of a lingering intoxication requires a lot of effort, and not everyone is capable of coping with a green snake alone.

How are they treated at home

Another caste of alcoholics prefers not a traditional drip for a long binge, but a different one. Dry dropper, as it is also called, is a purely conventional concept. Here, the way out of alcoholic euphoria is based on the principle of self-treatment. That is, the alcoholic takes drugs, medications to help stop the spree.

The list of such medicines, as usual, includes:

  • antidepressants;
  • diuretics;
  • hypnotic;
  • nootropics;
  • electrolytes;
  • stimulants to increase blood flow;
  • drugs that increase brain activity;
  • modern ads;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • drugs that stabilize pressure.

After starting to take all these drugs, withdrawal symptoms can be stopped. Essentially, recovery from alcohol addiction takes place without the aid of drips. However, this trend is not supported by all physicians who are related to drug addiction; nevertheless, this method has a positive effect on many alcoholic patients.

When a sick person suffering from a long binge gives consent to treatment, but does not want to go to the hospital, it is possible to organize treatment for him in his own walls. And in this vein, it will be a very effective procedure – a dropper for binge drinking at home. To get her done, you will have to call a narcologist. But, this is not the most important thing.

He will certainly come, but how much such a call will cost depends on many factors, since this procedure, in most examples, is not free.

Treatment by highly qualified medical personnel at home, including hard drinking, has always cost a pretty penny. But, sometimes, this is the only way to help a person get out of a lingering binge. Calling a narcologist in frequent cases saves the lives of people who drink, because the doctor will immediately provide immediate and comprehensive assistance. 

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