How does a dropper help with alcohol intoxication

A dropper for alcohol intoxication will help to quickly remove toxins that have accumulated after drinking alcohol. Alcohol negatively affects a person’s well-being and the functioning of internal organs, but without it it’s hard to imagine any festive or sad event. Drinking alcohol at home or in public institutions is fraught with a number of consequences from which no one is immune.

Dropper – a quick solution to the problem

If you don’t want to feel the brunt of your rash actions the day after the festive event, you can drink alcohol. Dropper is a fairly common practice today, which helps to avoid a hangover and improve the condition of your body in a matter of minutes. Of course, many may say why go to such extreme measures, because you can get rid of a hangover yourself at home by drinking, for example, beer. Unfortunately, they do not understand that if you drink alcohol the next day, it will only increase intoxication.

Alcohol intoxication is a very serious condition, from which it takes a very long time to get out of at home without any help. The advantage of a dropper at home is that the patient is provided with convenient conditions for recuperation and complete anonymity, although sometimes it is better to go to a narcological dispensary, especially if the patient constantly goes on a binge. In stationary conditions, a person will quickly think about his actions and understand the detrimental effect of alcoholic beverages on the body.

A dropper with alcohol intoxication acts very quickly, since the drugs are absorbed directly into the human blood. In most cases, saline solutions work as a diuretic and remove toxic substances from the body, providing an anti-drug effect. Treatment of alcohol intoxication can also be carried out with the help of tablets, but the disadvantage of such therapy is the fact that most of the drug remains in the tissues and does not enter the bloodstream. After a dropper, the human body is saturated with useful substances much faster, since the drug is injected directly into a vein. In addition, a positive feature of a dropper for alcohol intoxication is that several drugs can be dripped at the same time, while independently adjusting their ratio and the required amount. After a dropper, a person’s well-being noticeably improves, he leaves the state of euphoria, and unpleasant symptoms disappear in a short period of time.

How to get a person out of a hangover

Before putting a dropper on a person, he needs to drink activated charcoal and wash his stomach, causing vomiting mechanically or washing the stomach with a probe.

The removal of alcohol intoxication takes place in several stages:

  • blood thinning;
  • restoration of salt and acid-base balance;
  • destruction of the decay products of alcohol (after drinking, alcohol breaks down into many toxins);
  • the introduction of a vitamin complex;
  • liver help;
  • restoration of normal nutrition of the body.

Thin the blood with glucose -salt solutions. These drugs have a diuretic effect, which eliminates excess fluid from the body. In the event of a drop in blood pressure provoked by alcohol poisoning, hydroxyethyl starch solutions are used , for example, Infucol .

To normalize the salt balance, the narcologist can individually prepare special solutions consisting of glucose magnesia, potassium chloride or panangin and insulin. If the patient does not suffer from alcohol dependence, but at the same time he is tormented by atypical symptoms, such as severe malaise, headache, shortness of breath and severe muscle pain, then 4% sodium bicarbonate is used.

fumaric acids , will help to destroy the decay products of alcohol at home . To detoxify the body at home, they put a dropper with unitiol .

Carrying out the treatment of intoxication and poisoning with alcoholic beverages, they often use means to saturate the brain with oxygen. One of the most effective means is the drug Naloxone .

With a severe hangover syndrome and intoxication at home, vitamins in combination with a glucose solution will allow you to get rid of alcohol. An at-home drip often contains the following substances:

  • thiamine;
  • nicotinamide ;
  • riboflavin;
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6);
  • vitamin C and E.

In the composition of the dropper for alcohol intoxication, hepatoprotectors must necessarily participate. The liver suffers from alcohol poisoning in the first place, so it needs help to cope with toxins. To normalize the functions of the liver, the drug Essentiale is administered intravenously .

A 5% glucose solution with a certain amount of insulin will help restore strength after intoxication. The composition of the dropper for alcohol intoxication sometimes includes hypnotics and sedatives. Such remedies are used if the patient has hallucinations, he is rampant or delirious. If a person has been drinking for a long time and the intoxication is very pronounced, then the doctor may advise using a double dropper, which involves the introduction of more liquid. Such a dropper can only be used if a person has complete kidney health.

Contraindications for the introduction of a dropper

There are a number of cases in which it is forbidden to put a dropper with a hangover at home. Among these points are the following:

  • the presence of mental disorders in a person;
  • binge drinking – more than a week;
  • the patient has asthma, cirrhosis, renal failure, heart pathologies and diabetes mellitus.

If at least one of the points occurs, treatment will be carried out exclusively in a hospital setting.

After a dropper, a person should feel better, but there is one mistake that patients’ relatives make when they are tired of drunken antics. Households call the doctor for instillation , when the patient is still at the stage of intoxication. This approach to solving the problem is incorrect, since at this stage all alcohol is contained mainly in the stomach, and it is almost impossible to remove it from there using a dropper. It is much more reasonable to call a narcologist at home when a person oversleep a little.

The danger of self-medication

Although an alcohol dropper gives an instant and, most importantly, effective result, only highly qualified medical staff can put it on.

Do not try to administer droppers for alcohol intoxication to a person at home and prescribe treatment. Such actions can only aggravate the patient’s condition and even lead to death. Only an experienced doctor will be able to predict possible allergic reactions and side effects from treatment and prevent them in advance. A dropper with an appropriate solution, which the doctor will select on an individual basis, will eliminate nausea, vomiting, relieve hand tremors, dizziness and joint pain. In addition, the glucose solution will quench your thirst, which often accompanies a hangover.
Do not take a dropper as a panacea for alcohol addiction – this is just one of the ways to make the patient feel better and improve his health. To cope with cravings for alcoholic beverages, a person must independently. Be prudent, do not sacrifice your health and fulfilling life for fleeting pleasure and short-term feelings of euphoria. Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages does not cause disastrous consequences and alcohol dependence. This publication is for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication and the establishment of a dropper at home.

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