The method of getting rid of the hangover syndrome

Alcohol poisoning can be of varying degrees of intensity: from cases of a mild hangover that passes without much effort or with the help of various medicines or folk recipes. In other, more complex cases, you have to seek medical help from medical institutions. The clinic carries out a procedure for removing intoxication. A special drug is injected into a vein by drip. This highly effective method is characterized by a very rapid achievement of the desired result: withdrawal of the hangover syndrome. This method of removing a hangover is used to treat chronic alcoholism.

The main thing is not to self-medicate in especially severe cases. A specialist, starting with an ambulance paramedic, can easily withdraw from an acute condition. However, it is advisable to go to a medical institution in serious cases. Treatment under the supervision of specialists will be of better quality and more successful. Why can’t you try to get out of the state of severe alcohol poisoning yourself? You can hurt yourself even more. The drugs should be prescribed by specialists on the basis of objective observations and analyzes.

Symptoms of alcohol intoxication

The amount of alcohol is measured in specific units – ppm. If there are about one and a half such units in the blood, this indicator indicates the first stage of intoxication. The hangover is not severe, characterized by some weakness, as well as a headache. Home treatment is allowed. The next phase corresponds to numbers from two to three, indicating the middle stage of intoxication. The most serious, the third stage corresponds to the amount of alcohol in the blood at the level of 3 units. This difficult stage requires qualified assistance in a special department, where, through intravenous administration of drugs, they can remove alcohol intoxication and the state of intoxication. With the regularity of the condition of the severe stage and the continuation of alcoholic libations, an alcoholic coma may occur, leading to a lethal outcome.

Signs of 1 and 2 stages of intoxication:

  • Severe worsening headache. The reason is vasodilation due to alcohol intake. Ethanol literally rushes into all organs, including the brain.
  • The body temperature rises, the person experiences fever.
  • The center of coordination of movements is impaired, the person does not adequately assess the surrounding space, the distance to objects, can walk with difficulty, and experience dizziness even when lying down with his eyes closed.
  • The body makes attempts to self-purify from alcoholic toxins with the help of the gag reflex, the increased urge to urinate. It can be debilitating, but it is necessary to replenish fluid in the body because it is actively losing it. Drink preferably clean water.
  • Due to the fact that alcohol has a draining effect on the body , a person experiences a strong thirst. You can help yourself by consuming more liquid in the form of low-fat broths, tea, and pure water.

For the second stage of alcohol intoxication, the following symptoms are characteristic:

  • Severe coordination disorder in which a person cannot even sit. Increased dizziness causes discomfort even when lying down
  • Speech becomes completely slurred
  • Constricted pupil
  • The skin becomes pale, clammy and cold. In other cases, reddening of the skin may occur.

The third stage is fraught with the onset of an alcoholic coma

The person is already in a completely unconscious state. This is no longer the case when a person can be helped simply by a dream. If you neglect this condition, you can lose time and irreversible disruptions in the work of human systems and organs will occur, and even death may occur. Inpatient treatment may be indicated on the advice of a doctor. You shouldn’t give it up.

 To eliminate the toxic effect of alcoholic toxins on the body, they resort to intensive therapy, called the method of rapid sobering. Intravenous administration of caffeine or cordiamine, vitamin B6 is performed. Sobering up and clarification of consciousness occurs within an hour. However, at the physical level, neutralization of the harmful effects of alcohol on the entire body is also required. For this, a solution of glucose, ascorbic and niacin, sodium chloride and other drugs are injected into the vein.

With all the variety of treatment methods, they are united by the fact that only a specialist in a hospital can prescribe and introduce them. Attempts at home therapy have serious consequences.

Alcohol intoxication prevention

All questions and problems of removing alcohol intoxication disappear by themselves, if you do not drink alcohol at all. If you chose the opposite, then you should be aware of the precautions. Such measures will help not to experience the consequences of a hangover and alcohol poisoning of the body.

These measures are simple:

  • Protect your body with a glass of milk before drinking
  • It is advisable to take a small amount of activated carbon before the feast.
  • A small portion of thick porridge or a sandwich with butter will also help.

If your head hurts, you can take aspirin, which will gently relieve headaches and body aches. As already noted, you should not suppress the gag reflex and reduce the amount of water.

Rest and sleep are also necessary, however, under the supervision of strangers, since already at the second stage of intoxication, asphyxiation with vomit is possible. Help a random person. If you are in the second and third stages of intoxication, call an ambulance.

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