Wealthy ladies are more susceptible to alcoholism

Women living in the richest areas in the UK are twice as likely to drink alcohol at lunch time and are more likely to experience female alcoholism. Previous studies have confirmed that women living in high-end areas of London and Edinburgh are more likely to suffer from mental illness or depression. Nearly two-thirds of women in these areas consume more alcohol than the recommended daily allowance. About 6.5% of men and women in these areas also suffer from increased anxiety, which exceeds the national average by 2.9%. Elderly and young people are also socially disadvantaged in the group of people with a high probability of mental disorder or depression.

Scientists believe that the reason for this is that women in expensive areas are socially active, but without the need to work. Studies have also shown that football players’ wives living in the suburbs of London consume more than three units of alcohol per day. Although men who live in wealthy neighborhoods, often drink too much, they are less likely their wives are faced with the problem of alcoholism, as reported in the newspaper The Sunday Times ( the Sunday Times ). Research by scientists from the University of Sunderland has shown that a common habit among middle-class people to drink regularly at home, especially wine, is safe and reasonable. However, it has been noted that regular drinking can lead to significant health problems in the future.

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