How to recover from a long binge?

Vomiting, hiccups, headaches, nightmares, exacerbation of chronic ailments, a swollen face. In severe cases, convulsions or poisoning to such an extent that the body itches. The body tolerates hard drinking, and getting out of it is even more difficult, and not everyone succeeds, which leads to the development of the most severe form of alcoholism. Therefore, it is not surprising that when a person does not feel well after a prolonged binge (headache, stomach, hiccups), the patient is primarily interested in how to survive a hangover and how to recover from a binge.  

What does hard drinking lead to

After alcohol is in the body, it is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and its toxins begin to poison the body. If a person ignores the symptoms of intoxication and continues to drink, the following consequences of binge will await him:

  • Headaches – alcoholic toxins, when they seep into the blood, block the access of oxygen, nutrients, glucose to the brain, and have a destructive effect on blood vessels and tissues. This leads to the fact that a person does not feel well: with prolonged binge drinking, an alcoholic may develop severe depression caused by alcohol psychosis.
  • Vomiting, sometimes with blood, hiccups, abdominal pain – this is the effect of ethanol on the digestive system. First of all, it has an extremely negative effect on the liver, which is involved in the processing of alcoholic toxins. It is manifested by pain from the right side at the bottom of the rib. Pancreatitis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and intestinal bleeding may also develop.
  • Due to fluid retention and its uneven distribution, the face, eyes, nose, legs, arms swell.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system (pain in the left side of the sternum, tachycardia, acute heart failure).
  • In men and women, attraction to the opposite sex decreases or disappears.

A fatal ailment for women and men is cirrhosis, when liver cells are replaced by connective tissue and no longer cope with responsibilities. This leads to poisoning of the body, the stomach swells up due to the accumulation of a large amount of water. It is impossible to get rid of this disease. The only thing that can be done is to delay death by several months with the help of therapy.

The consequences of hard drinking can lead to allergies. As a result, a person will experience unbearable itching when the whole body itches, eyes and stomach ache. The face, neck, hands are covered with red spots. The only thing you can do to get rid of allergy symptoms is to stop drinking alcohol.

In severe situations, alcoholic epilepsy can develop. It is expressed in convulsions of a continuous or intermittent nature, acute and burning muscle pain, the inability of a person to understand what is happening around him.

With a mild form of alcoholic epilepsy, the spasm, although it does not reduce, but there are sharp pains in the contracted muscles. Most often – in the area of ​​the hands, feet, calf muscles. With a severe attack, the patient may lose consciousness, the muscles can be cramped, the jaw clench, the eyes roll back. If you do not take action in time and do not seek help from a narcologist who will stop the binge and provide the necessary assistance to get rid of the terrible symptoms, the seizure will recur.

Difficulty getting out of binge

The more a person drinks, the harder it is for him to stop drinking and recover. Moreover, having stopped drinking, he is faced with withdrawal symptoms (in other words, fragile) and feels extremely bad. The disease is caused by the fact that the body is so used to constant poisoning that it reacts to their absence with severe headache, insomnia, tremors, nausea, hiccups, pain in the heart from the left side of the sternum. Convulsions may appear after a binge, the eyes see hallucinations. How much it will be expressed depends on the duration of the binge and the stage of alcoholism.

It is not surprising that after a long binge a person is so bad that it is extremely difficult for him to cope with a breakdown on his own at home and recover. That is why he sees an opportunity to relieve pain in taking the dose again, which aggravates the situation and worsens the state of health.

Therefore, in order to recover as quickly as possible after a binge, restore the work of internal organs, remove pain in the right side, abdomen, put in order the face, it is better to consult a doctor and do everything as he says. It will be necessary to take medications designed to cleanse and restore the liver, the work of the digestive system, get rid of hiccups, restore blood circulation, and improve brain function. To restore the nervous system, stabilize sleep, sedatives are prescribed.

Recovery drugs

How long it takes to recover depends on the duration of the binge. If we talk about how to restore the body after a binge, then this can be done at home with the help of means that will help cleanse the body of toxins, normalize the work of internal organs.

How much and in what doses to take the medicine, it is better to check with the doctor:

  • To normalize the work of the digestive system after a binge, when the stomach hurts, hiccups are observed, activated charcoal and its analogs (white coal, pancreatin, filtraum and other sorbents) are capable of .
  • The liver, which signals pain in the right side in the lower part of the rib, will help hepabene , Essentiale forte, holosas . They will help cleanse the body of toxins. From folk remedies, rosehip decoction, grape and birch sap will help to relieve pain. If a person stops drinking in time, the liver, although for a long time, is restored.
  • To normalize the work of the cardiovascular system after hard drinking: validol, valocordin. Such measures will not only improve the work of the heart, removing pain from the left side of the sternum, but also help restore the face, removing edema caused by disruption of the heart due to alcohol abuse.
  • A sedative will help normalize sleep and put the immune system in order.
  • Against allergies, in which the face becomes covered with spots, the body itches, the stomach hurts, the eyes are watery, the doctor will prescribe antiallergic drugs, as well as drugs to remove toxins.
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes will help to strengthen health, improve immunity, metabolism, and the work of the central nervous system after a binge. First of all, vitamins B6 (thiamine), C (ascorbic acid), glycine. Medicinal herbs and decoctions will be useful.

The order of taking medications does not provide for a combination of medications with alcohol, since it is possible to achieve the opposite effect and further undermine the state of health. This also applies to validol if the alcoholic has heart problems.

If you take validol and alcohol at the same time, then alcohol, which is an exciting drink, completely neutralizes the effect of validol. That is why there will be no point in the medicine. In addition, after a while after drinking alcoholic beverages, the body relaxes. Validol enhances this effect, reduces pressure, slows down the reaction. Side effects are also possible in the form of dizziness, nausea, lacrimation, increased salivation.

But with the help of validol, it is possible to recover the cardiovascular system after binge. At the same time, you should not swallow validol in batches in order to recover and normalize the work of the heart: the dosage must be indicated by the doctor, otherwise you can harm yourself.

Power features

To bring yourself back to normal, health, get rid of unpleasant symptoms after a binge, you need to take care of nutrition. It should be noted that during a hangover, you do not feel like eating. That is why bananas will help you to recover: they are nutritious, healthy, help to quickly get rid of hiccups, if it is caused by hunger, relieve stomach pains.

When appetite appears, you can drink meat broth, dairy products, eat porridge, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is undesirable to use products that stimulate the nervous system. To restore the water balance in the body, you need to consume as much liquid as possible (make decoctions from herbs, drink water). Alcohol is contraindicated!

Restoration of the digestive system will have a positive effect on appearance . Edema will leave the face, bags under the eyes and other swelling will go away. It will be easier to move, the pain in the right side will cease, and the mood will improve. How long it will take depends on how long the person has been in a binge.

In order not to go back to the binge again, you should reconsider your lifestyle and work to reduce your cravings for alcohol. To quickly bring your psychological state back to normal after a binge, it is advisable to do physical exercises, go to the movies, go hiking, do other activities that bring pleasure.

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