What are the consequences of coding from alcoholism with an injection into a vein?

It has a popular coding for alcoholism with an injection into a vein, consequences that the attending physician does not always talk about. His task is to accept the patient, in most cases on a commercial basis. What then happens to yesterday’s victim of alcohol addiction is no longer his prerogative. Relatives or, worse, the patient himself, who is already experiencing severe stress, which gave him intravenous administration of the drug, have to deal with the unexpected consequences that have arisen.

In order to avoid this kind of scenario, it would be better to immediately familiarize yourself with what the consequences may actually be.

What is the procedure?

Such a method of treatment as an injection for alcoholism is actively used all over the world today. Just one simple procedure completely relieves the patient of the notorious craving for alcohol. Positive feedback from patients and their relatives, availability, long-term abstinence from a hated habit – all this makes an injection for alcoholism one of the most “favorite” life-saving procedures.

At the same time, it must be said that the technique is applied only if the consent to its use is given by the patient himself. Of course, there are rare exceptions when the treatment of alcohol with an injection is compulsory, but only a court can make such a verdict. In some cases, patients are even explained how to decode when the addiction leaves their lives forever, and they really want to use at least a few grams a day. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to decode is positive, however, like the encoding process, it is very individual and subject to some risks. Therefore, before thinking about how to decode, the patient must be sure that the addiction will not return to his life again.

The essence of the procedure is that first a professional psychologist works with the patient, explaining to him exactly how the drug will affect the body, and what will happen if you drink after encoding. The specialist says exactly what can happen in reality. Further, it is necessary to observe the formality and sign documents confirming the consent of the patient.

As a rule, an injection from alcoholism is done exclusively intravenously or intramuscularly. In some cases, the patient may be prescribed an injection under the shoulder blade. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

The drugs used are usually based on disulfiram , which quickly spreads throughout the body with blood, providing reliable protection against alcohol. If the patient does not try to become addicted to alcoholic beverages at home, no consequences will be felt. Otherwise, a person risks earning a terrible state of health, which can be compared with very strong intoxication.

However, to tempt fate, or to forget about yesterday’s friendship with alcohol – each patient chooses for himself.

How dangerous are the consequences?

In specialized medical clinics, patients who decide to undergo coding are given a so-called alcohol provocation (or an injection against alcoholism). This is done in order to demonstrate what exactly happens when alcohol enters. For these purposes, you will need quite a bit of vodka, about 40 g. The consequences of coding from alcoholism with an injection are really impressive.

The unsuspecting patient begins to experience:

  • bouts of nausea, up to vomiting;
  • violation of the chair;
  • loss of orientation in space;
  • convulsions;
  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty breathing;
  • jumps in blood pressure;
  • flushes of blood to the skin and a change in their color.

Of course, immediately before the injection coding procedure, all symptoms were described and listed by the attending physician. However, words are one thing, and experiencing everything in a complex after an injection is quite another. In addition, the patient must understand that in an inpatient medical institution it will be very easy to cope with the disastrous consequences, and without harm to the body. What will happen at home is very easy to say, so most yesterday’s alcoholics prefer not to take risks. They no longer care how long the encoding lasts. The vast majority of people are afraid of the consequences of their entire future life, which, by the way, becomes much happier.

What else needs to be remembered?

To date, coding for alcoholism by injection into a vein is carried out by a huge number of medical institutions, and not always legal ones. As a result – the complete absence of the promised action, wasted time and money.

At the same time, faced with the inaction of the injection, relatives should not rush and immediately blame the doctors. In some cases, psychological dependence is so great that no drug can help to cope with it. For the patient, it does not matter what they inject during coding. In this case, you need to start with a banal communication with a relative in order to lead him to the idea that the problem needs to be solved. He should approach injection coding with the firm conviction that such a procedure is really necessary.

If the patient is imbued with a desire, you can proceed to the next stage – communication with a psychologist.

How many sessions will be required is a complex and ambiguous question. However, relatives should understand: it certainly won’t be easy here, especially if the addiction has been going on for many years. It will be very difficult to break it, but real specialists do the impossible and bring even the most difficult patients back to life. The main thing is desire and patience.

When choosing a clinic, it is important to learn as much as possible about it: what is injected during coding, how long specialists work and how flattering yesterday’s patients are about them. If possible, you should try to communicate with several of them, which will allow you to somewhat navigate the issue. Not the least role should be given to how long the institution has been operating. As a rule, dishonest “doctors” do not take root in this area and very quickly leave it. Before concluding an agreement, it is necessary to clarify how long the encoding is valid, and whether the procedure will have to be repeated. It often happens that negligent doctors give their patients injections of alcoholism for a year, instead of the promised final and irrevocable deliverance from a hated habit. 12 months is a short time to get rid of what has been warming for years. What will happen after the end of the drug is not difficult to guess.

And, of course, it is not worth saving. A miser pays twice, so it’s better to pay more for a hot injection from alcoholism in a reputable clinic than to sell cheap and reap the benefits of your rash act for a long time.

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