What happens when you stop drinking

Alcohol is a legal drug that can be bought without any problems at the nearest store. That is why alcohol addiction is a fairly common phenomenon that has become an integral part of modern life in society. But alcohol should not be blamed for this trouble, it has brought a lot of benefits to our lives, no one forces a person to drink beyond the permissible limit and becomes addicted. But alcoholism must be treated as a disease and treated. Quitting drinking is not as easy as you might think, because the processes in the body of a person who has stopped drinking are quite scary and require careful preparation.

If a person drank a little and not very often, then the consequences for the body after giving up alcohol will only be positive, the same can be said after quitting smoking. A smoker or an alcoholic constantly burdens his body, he tries to fight addictions, he tries to remove the poison that got inside. This requires effort and resources, and being under constant load, the body wears out faster.

Therefore, if you decide not to drink alcohol, then the body will only say “thank you”. If you stop drinking alcohol, then the load on the organs is reduced, the body can work normally and health becomes stronger. But this applies only to those who have never abused alcohol. If a person has been drinking for many years and has developed an addiction, then things will be more complicated and problematic.

What alcohol addiction
is Everyone uses alcohol, there is nothing wrong with that, you just need to know the measure and use the minimum amount of alcohol. If a person drinks a few grams of vodka, then it will not be bad for him. If a person drinks alcohol in huge doses and does it often, then problems appear and the same addiction is developed.

The main problem of alcoholism is that it is very difficult to stop drinking alcohol later. The liver is able to purify the blood from ethanol, but at the same time it has its own clear performance. For one hour of work, your liver is able to clear a certain amount of alcohol in the blood and remove toxins. Everyone has a different performance of the liver, but if the norm is exceeded, then the liver simply cannot cope and ethanol will spread throughout the body.

If you drink often and constantly violate this norm, ethanol becomes part of your body system. If you stop using it, then there is a strong craving on a subconscious and physical level. You feel bad, you start drinking what you can’t. You simply cannot resist the temptation – this is alcoholism.

What happens after you stop drinking

If an avid alcoholic abruptly refuses alcohol, then problems begin. The man abruptly stopped drinking, a day passed and real withdrawal began. Previously, you drank every day, replenishing the supply of ethanol in the blood, which is no longer produced by the body, is already in excess of the permissible norm. If you stop replenishing the supply of this substance, then a strong moral thrust appears on the subconscious mind, the brain makes you take another glass and drink alcohol. Quitting alcohol abruptly is never an easy decision, but it is the only way to stop drinking.

After you stop drinking, you have headaches, your head hurts, body aches appear, muscles ache, and nausea is present. You can’t eat right, you can’t drink and smoke, you just want to lie down. It would seem that you need to rest and everything will pass, but, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. Significant improvements will appear after you can live a month without alcohol, there will be those changes in the body that will allow you to get rid of addiction. Be strong and don’t give up.

The bottom line is that the processes in the body of a person who has quit drinking are quite painful, because they contradict what decisions the brain makes. The process, when you stop drinking, leads to severe breakdowns, the body requires alcohol from you. What happens if you don’t use it? Everything will be pretty sad, but you should do it.

A week without alcohol

After you stop drinking alcohol, pain and problems begin, but the longer you stay off alcohol, the better you get. After one week, you begin to feel improvements. There will be no sudden sobering up, but gradually you feel that clarity of thinking appears in your brain, craving for alcohol decreases, you begin to lead a normal life.

After one week, the improvement becomes visible to the naked eye, your body is restored to normal, all its functions and processes are restored. But if now you have drunk a small amount of alcohol, then everything was in vain, you will start drinking again, the process will return to its original state. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself and get rid of the available alcohol. After all, now you know what happens to the body when you stop drinking and do not want to go through it again. If you do not break loose, then you can count on complete deliverance from addiction.

A month without alcohol

After a few weeks you can already call yourself a sober person, the effects of alcohol are still there and recovery is ongoing, but nevertheless, you already feel much better. It’s not a year, it’s just one month, so it’s too early to say you’ve kicked the habit. At this stage, you should not drink beer or other low-alcohol drinks, if you do, then you will not get rid of the habit, you will continue to drink and end up very badly as a result. It is necessary to stop drinking alcohol completely and forget about it forever. Only in this way the body will fully recover and continue normal work.

Some processes in the body of a person who quit drinking will be irreversible, you will not be able to fully restore your brain cells, but at the same time, the organs will begin to recover and even your liver will be able to work normally again. Therefore, after a month, clarity of mind, cheerfulness appear, a lot of free time appears, craving for alcohol decreases.

A year without alcohol

After a year has passed without alcohol, you can already safely say that you have completely got rid of alcohol addiction. Now you are not bothered by pain, anxiety has disappeared, people have begun to treat you differently. You no longer have any desire to drink alcohol, you forgot about when you had a headache from a hangover. Many days have passed, the body has done a serious recovery job, now the organs work as they should, your general health has improved.

After you stopped drinking alcohol by making a strong-willed decision, you have peace of mind. You are sure that for many years your life will go on as usual, you will have friends, you will have a strong family and good plans for the future. This will not happen immediately, there will be unpleasant moments of your treatment, but if this happens, then you will be satisfied with the result.

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