Is a prescription asked for?

No, we do not need your prescription.

Who can buy medicines?

We sell products to a person who is 18 years old.

What limitations do you have?

We do not sell abusive medications. We do not sell products to people at the age of under 18.

When will an order arrive?

We send packages in 24 hours after the placed order. Mainly, a package will be delivered in 4 weeks. It depends on a service of the shipment.

What are the ways of the shipment?

We offer two types of the shipment: EMS and AirMail. EMS will deliver the package in about 8 business days, and AirMail will deliver the package in 4 weeks.

How to pay for my order?

You will be referred to a special page for a payment. This page is encrypted, and no one will know your bank details. Enter a number of your credit card. And money will be charged in a couple of minutes.

How can I know that my payment has been accepted?

You will receive an email notification with all details. Please, go to Order Status for more details.

Is there a service fee?

It depends on your bank. Some fees may be charged. Contact to a representative of your bank to get more details.

What country do you deliver your goods?

We deliver our goods to all countries. We have a worldwide shipment.

How can I contact you?

We have several ways how our customers may contact us: by email and by Contact Us page.

How to place an order?

At first, select the needed number of the pills, and add it to a shopping cart. Enter your name and postal address, and submit it.

How many pills may I order at once?

Order as many pills as you need. We recommend you ordering pills for the entire course of the treatment. This way, you will save even more money.

What medicines do you offer?

Please, go to our main page and read a list of medicines we offer. All medications are FDA approved, and have quality certificates.

Do you sell Generic products?

Yes, we do.

What is a Generic drug?

A generic drug is a pharmaceutical copy of the brand drug. Generic has the same active ingredients, but it may have a lower price, and a different name. For instance, Generic of Antabuse is Disulfiram. (as it is its main active ingredient).

Will Antabuse usage help me to cure of alcoholism?

Antabuse does not fully cure of alcoholism. It just helps to support a human’s desire to quit drinking to avoid alcohol consumption. It all depends on a person.

What if I have side effects?

If you experience any negative symptoms after the use of any medications, stop taking the drug and call your doctor. We highly recommend to find out a proper dosing for your clinical case before taking the drug, and only a qualified medical specialist can do it.

How to cancel the order?

Any order may be canceled easily only if it is not paid yet. If you have not paid for the order, and changed your mind, you can easily remove a product from your shopping card.

Why have not I got the package yet?

If a package has not been delivered within 5 weeks, it may be delayed by the customs or lost during the transportation. This situation happens seldom. Please, let us know, if you have not got your package, and we will help you.

Do you put any names of medicines on the package?

No, we don’t. We respect a confidentiality of our customers. You will receive a common envelope without names of medicines on it.

Why was my payment declined?

The payment may be declined, if a bank has limits for the internet payments. To solve it, contact to your bank. And the payment may be declined, if you do not have enough credit on your bank card. Check your financial statement.

Can I pay for the order on receipt of the package?

No, you should pay for your order in advance. We do not accept cash.

What payment systems do you accept?

We work with international payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard. We also accept E-checks.

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