Shipping Policy

When we have received a payment for an order, we are ready to send products to a recipient. We check whether the needed number of the pills is available on the warehouse. Then we pack the pills into solid and secured envelope. This process takes about 24 hours, and then the package is given to special transportation companies.

We have adjusted a well-run logistics system. Two options of the shipment are provided:

  • AirMail (if you do not rush and have planned your course of the treatment, you may select this type because the package will be delivered in about 5 weeks).
  • EMS (if the pills are urgently needed, it is better to use this service because the shipment takes about 8 business days).

Obviously, the terms of the shipment may differ, and the package may be delivered earlier or later. National holidays, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances may directly or indirectly affect the period of the shipment. We do our best for the fast shipment of all packages, but we cannot control everything.

In any case, do not worry, if you have not received any notifications about the shipment of a product, it means that we have not processed the order yet, and we will do it in a while. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions.

Order Status

After placing an order and indicating an email address, notifications about the order status are automatically created. It is now easy to take part in every step of the order processing. Any customer has the right to know about any changes with the order and to follow the entire process until the package will be received.

Due to the well-arranged system, it is possible to know when the order has been received, when the payment has been processed and accepted by a bank, and when the package has been sent. If there are any delays with the order status, a customer will be instantly informed by email.

How to check an order status?

  • Sing in to your email and read our letters
  • By means of a user area on our website

A special notification will be quickly created and sent to a customer’s email right after placing an order. This email will contain a customer’s information about products that have been bought, and a link to our website where it is possible to check the order status. Due to this, a progress of the order may be monitored and checked at any time.

If none notifications have arrived, please, check spam folder. And if the spam folder is empty, make sure that your email address is correct and active.

Tracking Order

The comprehensive technologies give the right to track an order all over the world. Using a special number, a customer can monitor his/her order during the transportation. However, this option is available for orders that will be delivered by a courier. In case of another way of the shipment, this feature is not available. In any case, we are here to answer and help to solve any issues as to your order.

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To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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