Alcoholic parents are at risk of having obese children

Children of alcoholic parents are at increased risk of developing obesity, since a genetic predisposition to binge can be expressed in an irresistible craving for food. Due to the fact that alcoholic and unhealthy diets affect the same receptors, people with a penchant for alcoholism can replace it with an addiction to abundant, unhealthy food.

A large amount of food that a person eats is high in calories. In addition, scientists have noted that modern foods contain much more calories than food, for example, in the 80s. Such food activates certain areas of the brain that are responsible for pleasure. Alcohol works in a similar way.

In the course of analyzing information on eighty thousand people, the researchers found that women who came from families of alcohol dependent people were overweight or even obese fifty percent more often than those who did not have alcoholism in the family.

The idea of ​​the link between alcohol dependence and overeating may serve as an impetus to revise the principles of overweight therapy. For example, one of the pharmaceutical companies has already developed and offered consumers a drug that contains substances previously used to treat alcoholism and drug addiction. 

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