The harm of beer for men

The harm of beer for men lies not only in the fact that the latter “grows” a beer belly. Meanwhile, many sincerely believe that there is no harm from beer, since beer is made from high-quality wheat, malt and hops, unlike, for example, the same vodka. The most common belief is that beer is a harmless and, in fact, non-alcoholic drink for real men.

In fact, of course, beer does not contain any harmful aggressive chemicals and other substances that have a dramatically negative effect on the health of the body. However, all this is true for the time being. The harm of beer for men begins from the moment when representatives of the stronger sex begin to abuse a delicious intoxicating drink. The main places in a man’s body that are hit by beer abuse are the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and, of course, the genital area.

The harm of beer for men lies in the fact that this drink does not have a large strength, unlike cognac or vodka. For this reason, you can drink a lot of it in a very short period. Of course, such eating behavior cannot but affect the heart negatively. It is believed that low-alcohol drinks do not cause severe harm to health. However, due to the inclusion of carbon dioxide in their composition, the absorption of the alcohol contained in these drinks by the circulatory system occurs faster. As a result, after several years of regular beer abuse, a man receives angina pectoris and high blood pressure as a reward, the development of which, in turn, can lead to a heart attack. 

Beer abuse also leads to a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract – over time, gastritis may develop, and then an ulcer.

Nevertheless, for most of the stronger sex, such arguments seem unconvincing in order to part with a bad habit. In this case , you should think about the fact that the harm of beer for men is the development of impotence. Due to the regular consumption of beer, there is a decrease in the production of the main male sex hormone – testosterone. Against the background of this decrease, various pathologies of the male reproductive system can develop, for example, testicular parenchyma. As a result, over time, sexual relations turn into the category of dreams and nothing more.

In addition to all of the above, a decrease in testosterone concentration leads to the development of female characteristics in a man, up to the development of mammary glands.  

The opinion that alcoholism on the basis of drinking beer happens much more often than with the abuse of vodka, in fact, is correct. The fact is that when beer is abused, few people pay attention, again for the simple reason that beer is not considered as an alcoholic beverage.

Due to the fact that beer contains a lot of carbon dioxide. When it enters the body, the blood vessels overflow with gas, which leads to an increase in the load on the heart muscle. As a result, there is a thickening of the heart wall.

In the prevention of beer hangover and dependence on this drink, it is necessary to effectively cleanse the body of alcohol decomposition products, for which silicon-based products are used.

The pleasant taste of the hop drink is ensured by the inclusion of hops in its composition. Many believe that natural hops improve intestinal motility. In reality, hop resins are poisonous substances that can lead to the development of intestinal cancer.

The malt contained in beer “enriches” the drink with vitamin B. However, during processing, the content of this vitamin is reduced to the point that it has no positive effect.

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